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About Us

Our Mission
At Lifeline Intervention.com it is our goal to help individuals, families and employees change their lives through counseling, intervention services, and addiction treatment in order to reach their full potential.

Our Philosophy
To help our clients, Lifeline Intervention has created a list of services and programs that are based on our own core principles. We have gathered information from leading experts in addiction treatment, behavior analysis, psychology and mental health in order to provide our clients with the latest treatment options. We want to help individuals recognize their need for help and actually seek out that help. When individuals are ready and willing to get over their addiction, we know they have a high chance for a life of substance-free living.

Our History
Lifeline Intervention.com started in 2003 by Kevin Dixon. According to Dixon, his main purpose with Lifeline Intervention.com was due to the fact that “We are not going to win the ‘War on Drugs.’ In 1973, the presidential administration of its time declared this War, and we still haven’t won it. But we will win back one family at a time.”

Since then Lifeline Intervention has been able to provide 15 years of experience in successful addiction treatment just by that statement alone. It is what motives the staff and leaders here at Lifeline Intervention and it is why we are constantly evolving to provide our clients with the latest treatment and intervention methods so that families can get back their loved ones from the hold drugs have on them.

Today, we provide clients with solutions to their addiction and intervention problems. All staff members and treatment facilities are hand-picked to ensure their quality and integrity. We want our clients to feel confident when they seek advice and options from us, which is why we ensure that we build a long, trusting foundation with each client we retain.

Our Vision
Families and individuals should be able to find the intervention assistance they need in order to get a loved one help, but unfortunately it is not that easy. There are constant obstacles keeping individuals from finding the help they need and because of that most families give up. At Lifeline Intervention.com we remove the hurdles you and your loved ones must face and we are here for the sole purpose of providing assistance and change for your family.

Our Values
Lifeline Intervention.com values:

•  The worth of all individuals
•  The power of self-determination
•  The obligation for providing effective intervention services and the highest-quality treatment options

•  Creating relationships to promote trust
•  Continually seeking out new and innovative approaches toward substance abuse and mental health interventions
•  Working with community leaders and industry experts to achieve our goals

Welcome to Lifeline Intervention.com. Learn more about our services by browsing our site or contact a representative today by calling 866-384-8411.