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Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Online therapy, often referred to as “eTherapy” is a new version of counseling and therapy services that are offered over the internet, through email and even on chat. Potential clients will speak directly to psychology experts in order to seek treatment for varying emotional problems and mental health issues as well as general concerns. Since online therapy can be done confidentially, a person does not have to worry about sharing personal information or identifying information that can harm their life or career.


Conditions Qualified for Online Therapy

Online therapy is not restricted to one area of psychology. In fact, online therapy works similar to an office therapy session – only this time it is done when it is convenient for you. At Lifeline Intervention we currently offer online therapy for areas including, but not limited to:


•  Addiction

•  Anger

•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

•  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

•  Relationship Issues

•  Stress

•  Panic Attacks


The Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy and it is even more beneficial for patients who:


•  Cannot drive to a therapist’s office

•  Have anxiety or embarrassment about seeking therapy

•  Cannot take time off to visit a therapist

•  Travel a lot

•  Live in a different country

•  Cannot get to a therapist’s office due to a mental or physical


•  Are too depressed and under-motivated to leave their home

•  Have small children who they cannot find care for


Common Limitations

Though there are numerous benefits to online therapy, there are a few limitations that are important to note. At Lifeline Intervention we want to provide you with accurate, reliable online therapy, but you have to be able to operate a computer in order to receive it. Online therapy requires frequent access to a computer, the ability to type and an internet connection. Though Lifeline Intervention keeps your information confidential and secure, using a public computer to use online therapy can severely lower your personal security.


Furthermore if you are suffering from severe depression or you have thoughts of harming yourself or others please visit the closest emergency room facility to see emergency treatment. Our counseling sessions do take time and therefore we want patients to know that before sending us a message.


At Lifeline Intervention.com all sessions are strictly confidential to protect your privacy. If you are in the need of advice or even if you just have some questions, contact one of our online therapists today.


Online couples therapy and group therapy sessions are available upon special request.