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Sober Transport Companion

Sober Transport Companion

Staying sober is vital for you or your loved one’s recovery. At Lifeline Intervention we understand the importance of staying sober, which is why we offer our sober transport companionship services. Whether it is getting to a treatment center or maintaining sobriety after treatment is over, a sober transport companion can offer the reliability and stability a person needs.


What is a Sober Transport Companion?

Sober transport companions, often referred to as sober coaches, help provide a level of accountability and reassurance a person needs when recovering from addiction. By having a person to confide in, rely on and account actions to, a person is less likely to return to their addiction or the negative habits that once led to that addiction.


Some situations where a sober transport companion can prove to be helpful include:


•  Business trips

•  Weddings

•  Anniversaries

•  Social gatherings

•  Vacations

•  To and from treatment


Since a sober transport companion has the training and experience in staying away from negative situations, they can help an individual avoid situations that lead to bad behavior. Even when put into those situations, a sober transport coach can offer support and strength for the individual so that they can cope appropriately.


Transportation Services

Sometimes all a person needs is that additional support to get from Point A to Point B. At Lifeline Intervention we also offer that type of sober transport companionship. We can assist individuals in getting to their treatment center to coming home from treatment. We can work with family members, intervention specialists, admission experts, physicians, lawyers, agents and even friends who are concerned about the well-being of someone trying to recover from addiction.


Let us help your loved one get where they need to go, but more importantly stay sober in the process. Since most of our companions and sponsors have been there themselves, they are more equipped to handle the sensitivity and difficulty associated with facing sobriety. We understand the challenges that come on almost daily and we can provide your loved one with the strength to overcome those challenges one-by-one.


Trust in our 100% confidentiality and reliability. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself and with our numerous intervention and treatment capabilities; we know we can help you and your loved one get on the right track with sobriety. By trusting in our sober transportation companion services you can rest assured that going out will never be a challenge for sobriety again.