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Treatment Center Options

Treatment Center Options

Once an individual is ready to seek treatment for their addiction or substance abuse problem, they need to put their trust into a treatment center that will provide them with results. At Lifeline Intervention.com we offer our extensive network of treatment centers and professionals throughout the country who can help with alcohol and substance abuse. You do not have to worry about doing the research, interviews or even the background checks – we will do it all. We want you and your loved one to be able to focus on the recovery and getting back on the right path.


At Lifeline Intervention.com, we do a thorough background check, extensive investigations and only allow treatment centers into our network that are deemed reputable by our experts.


We evaluate treatment centers based on:


•  Success rates

•  Rates charged

•  Types of services offered

•  Past and current patient feedback

•  Employee screening processes

•  Credentials

•  Licensing

•  Certifications

•  and more!


By having an extensive network we are able to offer a long list of treatment center options that cater to a variety of insurance plans, cost structures and treatment needs.


Why Use Lifeline’s Network of Providers?

Our reputation and the reputation of our providers speak for itself, but if you are unsure whether or not Lifeline’s network of providers is right for you, consider this:


•  By using our network providers you or a loved one can be accepted

into a program faster and with less admission hassles

•  By using our network providers you do not have to research and

search for the right treatment center – all providers we offer give the

highest level of treatment care

•  We can provide you with a long list of providers that meet the needs of

the patient as well as the budgetary concerns of the person paying for


•  We are in constant contact with all providers and we can act as

liaisons to your loved one’s care


Our treatment center options are not just about giving you a list to choose from. When you are ready to get your loved one the treatment they deserve, contact one of our treatment specialists at 866-384-8411 and we can do a detailed assessment of your treatment needs. From there we will pull a list of providers that are tailored to your specific needs and we can even create a personalized recovery plan to get you started.


Let us take the pressure off finding the perfect treatment center. Contact our representatives today for a no hassle, guaranteed approach to finding the perfect treatment center now!