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Crisis Intervention

If you are here, then you are dealing with a severe issue that needs professional assistance. Crisis intervention is often necessary when a loved one refuses or denies their need for alcohol or substance abuse treatment. Often the situation has already escalated way beyond abuse and the individual has been hospitalized or maybe even institutionalized, yet they still refuse to admit they need treatment. When crisis intervention is needed, families are often at their end and in some cases families fall apart due to their loved one’s inability to see the need to change. The good news is that you are not alone. Even if your family’s situation has turned to the level of a crisis intervention, you can still help your loved one turn their life around and seek out the treatment they need to get back on the right track.

Denial is a Powerful Thing
When a person has become consumed by an addiction, their mind and body have refused to seek out treatment. These individuals can hear their problems from doctors, professionals and even their own loved ones, but they still refuse to believe they have an addiction problem.

With a crisis intervention you and your loved one’s closest family and friends can sit down and show them that they have a real problem – and they need help for it. By using specific examples of how that individual has impacted people in their lives adversely due to their addiction, they can see for themselves what their denial is doing to those around them. By this time, the option of denial is no longer there.

Gathered Support
Though this is a time to prove to your loved one that they need help, it is not a time to push them away. During the crisis intervention it is vital that you and your family and friends support the individual. They need to know that they have family and friends behind them and that everyone wants to see them get better.

Using a Professional Crisis Intervention Specialize
Crisis interventions are severe and without the right help they can only make matters worse. Before you attempt a crisis intervention, call the professionals at Lifeline Intervention today. We have experience in the unpredictable situations that occur during a crisis intervention and we can help you not only approach your loved one appropriately, but ensure that the intervention is effective in helping them realize their problem. Our specialists understand the mental and physical holds addiction has over a person, which is why we have success in using the crisis intervention method.

Contact a representative today for a no obligation consultation. All information is kept strictly confidential. Your loved one needs help with a crisis intervention and with the assistance of Lifeline Intervention you can get them the help they need for a healthy, drug-free life.

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