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Executive Intervention

Executive interventions are interventions performed on individuals who hold an executive position within a company or who need to carry a level of discretion in order to protect their position and/or employer. Typically if an executive intervention occurs it is because a co-worker or subordinate has recognized a valuable concern in a particular individual and needs to address it before it becomes a heightened risk for the company.

What Happens if an Intervention Doesn’t Take Place? If an executive intervention does not take place, a person could potentially risk:

• Losing their job
• Losing their company
• Destroy a company’s reputation
• Put a company’s future at risk

Executive Interventions

In most cases, executive interventions are done out of loyalty for the particular executive they are performed for. Rather than allow the individual to risk their job or the company, the executive intervention can be done discreetly and without outing them to other employees or investors.

Seeking Professional Help

Before seeking help from any intervention company, it is imperative that you look for a company that has experience in executive interventions and who can handle the sensitivity of the situation. An intervention individual needs to be discreet, especially when dealing with the potential of destroying a company’s reputation or even ability to function. Most intervention specialists do not realize the sensitivity of the situation nor do they see the potential long-term investment associated with an executive intervention versus outing the executive entirely.

When the executive intervention is handled appropriately and the individual is committed to their own recovery, the company not only regains the use of their valuable employee, but they have kept their overall investment made in that employee’s training, experience and qualities.

100% Discretion

When you contact the executive intervention professionals at Lifeline Intervention, we will give your situation 100 percent discretion. All calls are strictly confidential and we will ensure that your case is handled with the utmost privacy to ensure your company and the individual are protected. It is our goal to help the individual see the consequences of their actions, but also help them seek out the treatment they need in order to recover and get back to work.

Do not let their addiction become a long-term habit. Help them seek out the treatment they need with an executive intervention today. Contact us now at 866-384-8411 for a no obligation consultation.

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