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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intervention?
An intervention occurs when an individual needs to have their current drug and alcohol abusing behavior disrupted. The individual is approached by family and friends with the help of a trained specialist to help them see the consequences of their actions and help push them towards treatment.

Are alcohol and substance abuse interventions usually successful?
Interventions are extremely effective for helping loved ones get into the treatment program they need to break their addiction or abuse problems. We have several hundred successful interventions and over 15 years’ experience in the industry, which means we know the procedures and methods that will help your loved one seek treatment for the type of addiction they are suffering from.

How does an intervention work?
The first step in getting an intervention planned is contacting an intervention specialist here at Lifeline. Our intervention specialists will help coordinate the details including:

•  Who to bring
•  Who to leave out
•  Where to have the intervention
•  What needs to be said

From there the next step is having the intervention itself. We highly recommend you have a professional present for these situations. Even though the professional does not know your loved one, they know the situation and they can be the mediator in a high-stress and very sensitive situation.

How do I get started with an intervention?

To get started with an intervention, contact an intervention specialist today at Lifeline Intervention.com by calling 866-384-8411. We can discuss your situation and help get your intervention planned. From there we can also recommend treatment options and facilities for your loved one.

Is my loved one really addicted?
It is okay to be unsure whether or not your loved one is really addicted. The best way to tell, however, is to go with your initial feeling. If you are still unsure, contact a professional at Lifeline intervention for assistance. Common signs of addiction or abuse problems can include:

•  Erratic behavior
•  Loss of personal and professional relationships
•  Loss of house, job or car
•  Lying
•  Stealing
•  Monetary issues
•  Aggressive or irregular moods

Is an intervention the best way to help my loved one seek treatment?
Yes. Since your loved one most likely already knows they have an issue, confronting them with that issue can push them into the right direction for getting help. Interventions are a very successful tool used to help change an addicts life and quite possibly to save that life.