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Gambling Intervention

Gambling Intervention

Addiction to gambling is considered a pathological disorder that operates similar to that of alcoholism and drug addiction.


Have you noticed that a loved one is gambling uncontrollably? Do they center their life around their next bet or even sacrifice personal and professional relationships to feed their habit? Compulsive gambling, also referred to as a gambling addiction, is a serious pathological disorder that requires treatment. Most individuals who suffer from gambling addictions want to stop, but they need the help of family and friends in order to do so.


If you suspect a loved one has a gambling addiction, contact the professionals at Lifeline Intervention today. Let us help you with the intervention process so that you can help your loved one cope with their addiction and seek the treatment they need to overcome it.


Signs of a Gambling Addiction

• Gambling endlessly all day

• Gambling until all of their money (including money for bills) is gone

• Insomnia due to gambling thoughts

• Spending money on gambling before bills

• Multiple failed attempts to stop gambling in the past

• Breaking the law in order to gamble

• Borrowing money from family, friends and coworkers in order to


• Depression

• Suicidal thoughts

• Remorse after gambling

• Sacrificing personal and professional relationships to gamble


What is Gambling Abuse?

As with any pathological disorder, gambling addiction will eventually turn into abuse. Just like the mental hold drugs and alcohol have on the brain, gambling requires an addiction breaker in order to stop. Once your loved one has completely lost control of his or her ability to stop gambling, even after falling into severe debt or losing their job, it is time to get professional help. Allowing gambling to progress will only lead to other issues that can include loss of employment, loss of marriage, custody issues, loss of shelter and even starvation.


Gambling Intervention

No matter how far into gambling your loved one is they can still be helped. With a gambling intervention you can let your loved one know that they are not alone in their gambling addiction recovery. With a gambling intervention you can gather friends and family and help bring your loved one to realize that they need to get help for their addiction problem. All calls to Lifeline Intervention are strictly confidential. At Lifeline Intervention we want to help you and your loved one overcome the effects of gambling addiction.


Get started today. Whether you just need information or you want to start the intervention process, we can help.