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Prescription Intervention

Prescription Intervention

For most people, taking prescription drugs is a means to treat an ailment or help relieve the body from a disease. For 20 percent of Americans, however, the use of prescription drugs goes well beyond that of medical necessity – this is referred to as prescription drug abuse. Today prescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming a growing problem within the United States. This is because most people are under the assumption that it is safer to abuse prescription medications than street drugs, but the fact of the matter is prescription drugs are just as harmful. Prescription drugs can have serious side effects, some life-threatening.


What is Prescription Abuse?

When a person is abusing prescription medications, they are taking a medication that is not prescribed to them by a physician or they are taking a medication for reasons other than its intended use.


Commonly Abused Prescriptions

The most common classes of prescription drugs that are abused by individuals in the United States include opioids, stimulants and central nervous system depressants.


•  Opioids – Typically used for pain and include drugs like Vicodin,

OxyContin, Demerol and Morphine.

•  Central Nervous System Depressants – These are used for

anxiety and sleep disorders and include prescription medications

like Valium and Xanax.

•  Stimulants – These help treat people suffering from ADHD or

narcolepsy conditions and include prescription drugs like Ritalin,

Adderall and Dexedrine.


Treatment is Successful!

An addiction to prescription drugs can be treated. By using the right type of treatment that takes into account the drug type and the needs of the individual, your loved one can successfully break their attachment to prescription medications. In most cases, a successful treatment will include:


•  Detoxification

•  Therapy and Group Counseling

•  Addiction Medications


When treatment is delivered correctly using a combination of psychological and biological therapies, your loved one can start to improve their personal relationships and even return to functionality in a way they never did while on prescription medications.


Prescription Abuse Intervention

The only way to start helping your loved one is to approach them about their problem with a professional interventionist. Most individuals who abuse prescription drugs know that they are addicted or they are unaware because the medication was prescribed by a doctor, but they cannot stop. Even after losing personal relationships, income or even a house, it takes a nudge on a personal level to get them to come around. With the help of a professional interventionist and letting the individual know they are supported, but also making them aware of the consequences of their drug use, you can help them seek out the treatment they need through Lifeline Intervention.com.


Breaking the addiction to prescription medications is hard. Since most prescription medications alter the brain’s chemistry, it takes professional care and counseling to stop. Help your loved one get the right treatment so that they can start the road to recovery – contact Lifeline Intervention today at 866-384-8411.