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Treatment Center Options
Once an individual is ready to seek treatment for their addiction or substance abuse problem, they need to put their trust into a treatment center that will provide them with results. At Lifeline Intervention.com we offer our extensive network of treatment centers and professionals throughout the country who can help with alcohol and substance abuse. You do not have to worry about doing the research, interviews or even the background checks – we will do it all. We want you and your loved one to be able to focus on the recovery and getting back on the right path.


Sober Transport Companion
Staying sober is vital for you or your loved one’s recovery. At Lifeline Intervention we understand the importance of staying sober, which is why we offer our sober transport companionship services. Whether it is getting to a treatment center or maintaining sobriety after treatment is over, a sober transport companion can offer the reliability and stability a person needs.


Life Coaching
Sobriety doesn’t end with rehab. For a person to stay sober, they are signing up for a life of challenges and heavy goals ahead of them. Often when individuals exit therapy or treatment they are left on their own and left to overcome the challenge of sobriety single handedly. A sober coach can eliminate the need to go at sobriety alone by providing a recovery addict with the steps needed in order to remain sober for the rest of their lives. Throughout each step a sober coach will help an individual overcome those challenges and even get back on track with their lives for a full, healthy recovery.


Online Therapy
Online therapy, often referred to as “eTherapy” is a new version of counseling and therapy services that are offered over the internet, through email and even on chat. Potential clients will speak directly to psychology experts in order to seek treatment for varying emotional problems and mental health issues as well as general concerns. Since online therapy can be done confidentially, a person does not have to worry about sharing personal information or identifying information that can harm their life or career.